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Susan L. Ewart

Susan EwartProfessor, Large Animal Clinical Sciences

1129 FARM LN ROOM 252

Research Interests:
Dr. Ewart's research is focused on the molecular mechanisms of allergic and airway diseases in humans and animal models. Her laboratory conducts human studies on data and samples from a whole population birth cohort from the Isle of Wight, UK that has been fully characterized for allergic diseases and indices at multiple time points from birth through young adulthood and across three generations. This immense longitudinal dataset contains many individuals with asthma, eczema and/or rhinitis. The Ewart lab is performing genetic and epigenetic association studies to identify genes or gene modifications that contribute to each allergic disease and combinations of allergies. Along with looking for susceptibility loci for asthma and other allergic outcomes they are also looking at gene-environment interactions. The Ewart lab also investigates the mechanisms underlying allergic airway disease in mouse models of asthma. The overall goals of the lab are to identify genetic, epigenetic and environmental risk factors for asthma and related allergies.

Educational Background:
Michigan State University, B.S., 1985, Veterinary Medicine
Michigan State University, DVM, 1987, Veterinary Medicine
Johns Hopkins University, Ph.D., 1994, Environmental Physiology

Selected Professional Activities:
Dr. Ewart is a diplomate in the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine She holds memberships in the American Thoracic Society and the American Veterinary Medical Association. She serves the College of Veterinary Medicine as Faculty Excellence Advocate and as Special Assistant to the Dean with an emphasis on faculty development. She co-directs a summer research program for veterinary students and undergraduate students interested in exploring research careers. Dr. Ewart is a faculty trainer for the NIEHS training grant.


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