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A. Daniel Jones

A. Daniel JonesProfessor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Chemistry; Director, RTSF Mass Spectrometry Facility.


Research Interests:
Dr. Jones’s research interests lie in improving mass spectrometry and separation strategies and applying them to perform global profiling of metabolites. This approach, known as metabolomics, probes the influence of genetics and environment on rates of biosynthesis and degradation of metabolites. Such measurements lie at the heart of systems biology approaches for engineering plants and microorganisms for improved productivity, as biosensors, and as valuable sources of an assortment of bioactive chemicals. Furthermore, the information in the metabolome can be used as biomarkers of stress, toxicity, and disease. His areas of expertise include mass spectrometry, separations, and analytical chemistry; analytical strategies for metabolomics and metabolite profiling; posttranslational modification of proteins in aging, toxicity, and disease; chemical ecology; plant-insect and plant-pathogen interactions; and high-throughput techniques for discovery of bioactive natural products.

Educational Background:
Harvey Mudd College, B.S., 1976, Chemistry 
The Pennsylvania State University, Ph.D., 1984, Chemistry  

Selected Professional Activities:
IN 1996, Jones received the James H. Meyer Distinguished Achievement Award, from the University of California, Davis. He holds memberships in the American Chemical Society and the American Society for Mass Spectrometry.


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Laboratory Trainees:

  • Jiangyin Bao, Predoctoral, Chemistry
  • Prabodha Ekanayaka, Predoctoral, Chemistry
  • Cynthia Kaeser, Predoctoral, Chemistry
  • Afrand Kamali, Predoctoral, Chemistry
  • Xiaoxiao Liu, Predoctoral, Chemistry
  • John McIlroy, Predoctoral, Chemistry
  • Sujana Pradhan, Predoctoral, Chemistry
  • Siobhan Shay, Predoctoral, Chemistry
  • Ruth Udey, Predoctoral, Chemistry
  • Ramin Vismeh, Predoctoral, Chemistry
  • Zhenzhen Wang, Predoctoral, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
  • Chen Zhang, Predoctoral, Chemistry
  • Banibrata Ghosh, Postdoctoral, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
  • Min-Ho Cha, Postdoctoral, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology